Melissa Diersing

Hello, I am a 49-year-old mother of 3 sons and 2 stepdaughters who is surviving cancer by the grace of God! In September 2018, I was told that the small painful lump on my lower back was a form of soft tissue sarcoma. I had never even heard of Sarcoma, yet it has become a journey that only God could navigate me through. Shortly after my diagnosis, this website began as a blog in a way that I still cannot explain. It just evolved as God directed and guided me. It has become many things, a form of therapy, a timeline of my battle with cancer, a means of reaching out to others who have or know someone who is battling a form of cancer, a platform for raising awareness of Sarcoma Cancers. All those things are clearly a blessing but most of all…. It is a chronical of praise for what God is and continues to do within me on a spiritual level! It’s a God Thing and A Good Vibe Tribe of Special People thing.

Wenona Miller was my Grandmother. I lived next door to her growing up and loved to play dress up in her Sunday Clothes, heels and jewelry. She was as strong southern woman who was devoted to her family and loved me, my brother and sister to the moon and back.

This past year as I was going through treatment for cancer, I began making jewelry to keep my mind and hands busy. Many of my creations utilized various vintage jewelry finds from antique stores. They reminded me of the jewelry my Grandmother let me play with all those years ago. I could not think of naming my little hobby business anything else!

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