Do you ever feel as if nothing is ever as it seems when we look at it in our minds eye? We think we can run 5 errands in an hour over lunch hour only to realize that the task was never feasible. We think we can DIY our entire kitchen in a weekend only to learn that we have neither the time nor skills to do that. But in our mind, we saw it all play out and it was perfectly orchestrated.

At times, I am the epitome of this illustration. I see a challenge and instantly glorify my ability to rise above and conquer. Never mind that I have been down this road hundreds of times and should know that this is an illusion 95% of the time.

So, it is no surprise that I applied this tendency to my recovery from major surgery to no avail. I quickly realized it does not work that way! On August 19 when I reported for surgery at MDA, I had no idea that I would still be recovering over 2 months later yet here I am pushing this walker(sometimes cane) around the house. Yesterday was my first “big” outing since August. My Mom and sister came down and helped me participate in the Trunk or Treat at Hamilton Mill UMC. It was a perfect crisp, sunny fall day and we had a great time. It may seem like a small thing but after being home bound, it was as if I had been treated to a week long vacation. For a short time, I felt normal again.

I read a passage from Charles Swindoll’s book this morning, “Getting Through The Tough Stuff”. In one passage he states:

“We learn obedience from the things we suffer (Hebrews 5:8). Spiritually, the pain of adversity helps us grow into mature people of faith (James 1:2-4). ”

Not exactly comforting but helpful in understanding why God allows trial and pain. But wait, in another passage he states:

“His hand is on your life at this time of affliction. It’s better than the hand of any friend, partner, parent, or child, because when he touches, he brings great compassion and lasting relief. No one comforts better than Christ.”

I can certainly attest to both statements and needed to read and reflect on both. God has a way of doing that, putting something in your path right when needed. The key is to live everyday in expectation of seeing it or hearing the small voice within us. I am not sure why I felt lead to share this….. but then again, I do know why. Someone needs to read this, God knows who you are. My God comfort you and may his hand be upon you.

Sounds to me like God was the first to coin the phrase “No Pain, No Gain”!!