So, just when I started to feel like this remission thing was in full swing, my last MRI in July quickly reminded me that Sarcoma is one tough broad. The scan revealed a small 1.5 cm tumor under the area where the first mass was taken out. I have been so focused on my lungs that I had sort of forgotten that recurrence there was possible. Um, I remember that now.

To add more excitement to this party in Texas, I will need plastic surgery to close the incision. To ensure that the wound remains closed, I get to spend 3 weeks in Houston after surgery before I can ride in a car or fly on a plane.

My big 50 is on Saturday and I had plans to be with my boys and my best friends and my husband celebrating at the Brett Crowe Memorial Golf Tournament It was all planned and then this. The irony of this is that 2 years ago at the last golf tournament, I was also in the hospital in Houston. I have a picture of my girlfriends gathered around an iPad as they FaceTimed me from the Saturday night party. I really wanted to be there in person this time. As sad as that feels, I know that it will all be ok. We will all get together when I can. I am doing what I need to do here and God has this!

As scary as all of this can be, how could I ever feel anything less than so blessed! In every situation God has provided all the we need. He has put very special people in our path again this time. I won’t try to name them all but they know who they are. I have no words for how grateful we are for each and every one. My hope is to be able to pay it forward every chance I can.

So as I sit here in the pre-op lobby waiting to be called back for my surgery, I feel at peace. I know this is simply another chapter in my story. I have laid my burdens at the feet of my savior and placed my faith in him to see me through. That is all we can ever do. And it is more than enough because he is more than enough.