So, the last couple of months have been rather quiet, even boring……until a week ago!! I packed up the car on September 3rd and headed south where I proceeded to spend the next 10 days having fun and celebrating major milestones with my boys and family! Other than missing Todd, I could have stayed for 10 more!

My hometown vacay began by accompanying my son, Chris, to close on his first house on Friday. Those of you who know Chris know that he is so laid back (most of the time) that you might not know what he is thinking. In this case, he has worked hard to accomplish this at 26 and was beyond thrilled. Of course, I was not shy in displaying my excitement. To have my friend, Rhonda Brown, as his realtor made it even more special. By Friday evening, we were driving up to his new home, keys in hand! More on our marathon move-in week in a moment.

On Saturday, another milestone. You see my middle son, Chase, changed high schools in the 10th grade. I remember him telling us sometime during that first week that he had met his new best buddy, Timber Hood. Per Chase, they were “meant to be”. Well, he didn’t say that. It was something like “he met this dude who loved to hunt and fish as much as him, etc. etc” . You know, macho stuff. He was right about one thing, the two were and still are very close friends. On Saturday, September 5th, Timber got married. I was thrilled to attend the wedding and sit with Chase to watch Timber tie the knot to Carson McCoy. It was a evening outdoor ceremony with the beautiful bride and handsome groom standing in front of a simple but stunning tall wooden cross. During the wedding, Chase leaned over to me and said “Me and Clay made that cross”. Of course, my response was “Ok Son, whatever”. Ya’ll….. they did make it! It was simple and beautiful! One of my major proud moments! And…. now I know they can make things! I already have a list started!

My favorite moment of the night was hitting the dance floor with my son. There was a time when I worried that I would not ever be able to do those things. God is Good and I treasure every moment of that night. There was also a mechanical bull at the reception….. that is all I am going to say.

Back to the new house and moving week. I forgot to mention earlier that my other 2 sons are renting rooms from my oldest. Yes, my three sons are all going to be living together unsupervised in one house. Did I mention there is an in ground pool? Please pray for….well… everyone!!

Over the next 7 days, my Mom, Sister , sons, and several of their friends all swarmed in and got it done! We painted 3 bedrooms and bathroom (with follow-up trips planned until the entire house is painted). Most of which needed 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint. We painted walls, trim, doors and more. I painted and waxed 3 pieces of furniture. We placed furniture, then moved it around, then around again. We made 294,5947,394 trips to Lowe’s, Dollar General, Target and Wal-Mart. And…. me and my Mom sorted through 384,596 T-shirts, 5,506 pairs of socks and more deodorant than I can count to get the boys rooms organized. What is it with opening another stick of deo before the prior one is empty. Really? It was a fast, exhausting week……that I would love to do over and over! I got to spend time with my boys and my Mom and Sister. It was one of the happiest weeks of my life and one I will cherish forever. In this crazy, messed up world it is the moments and times like this that make a life.

The morning I was set to leave, I sat in Chase’s room and prayed over this new home that my kids would share. I prayed over the structure, over the neighborhood, for my kids, for their relationship with one another as they live there together. I also praised…. praised God for those three and for their hard work ethic and drive to make a life for themselves….. and for letting me be their Mom!

Ok, so I have to end the blog here…. I have made myself cry. Geez!!