Good Morning, I hope this post finds you all healthy and staying somewhat sane as we all “shelter in place”. For me, life is not all too different, I guess you could say I have been doing a form of this for the last year or so. I work from home and have had to be mindful of my lower immunity for a while now. Todd is back to working from home as well. Thankfully, it has been just the 2 of us here in Richmond so long that we really do not drive each other crazy. Well, maybe sometimes….. We also have plenty to do with setting up the new house. The only drawback is that I really want to start sewing new drapes and bedding but all of the fabric stores are closed. Buying it online just isn’t the same. I did find a deal on office bookcases and cabinets that needed to be refinished so I have been working on that the last couple of weeks. I love seeing something old and discarded brought back to life. Of course, I miss SC and will be ready for a trip “home” when we can travel again.

I read a book a while back called “Living 90 Days at a Time”. It was written by a Sarcoma patient and talked about the anxiety that goes along with having scans every 3 months to determine if one is still in a stable mode or new cancer growth has occurred. On Friday, I will have my first set of 90 day scans since being declared stable. Normally, I would go to MD Anderson in Houston for this but the pandemic makes it unsafe for me to fly. So, I will have the scans on Friday afternoon at Massey Cancer Center here in Richmond. My doctor here is awesome and I have no reservations about this. I do have very mixed emotions about the scans in general. On the one hand, I would love to keep on trucking along with my head in the sand and not think about the word Sarcoma at all. On the other, I know that I need to stay on top of this. Prayer and keeping my mind focused on other things are my saving grace. I pray not only for God’s healing to continue in my body but that I would never lose sight of living not 90 days at a time but 1 day at a time. That each day God gives me in health would be cherished and lived fully in the moment. That is a tall order and some days I do this well and some days I truly screw it up.

I pray you all stay healthy during this season in time and that the time we all must spend locked down at home allows for peace, health and spiritual renewal. Please also agree with me in prayer that God is still at work in my body, banishing any cancer cells that may attempt to take root. That I am and will continue to be healed by his stripes and a testimony of his healing power, love and grace. In Jesus Name, it is so!