Before my cancer diagnosis, I was one busy girl. Todd and I had only been married a year and I had taken on a new role at work that was requiring a lot of long days and travel. I had become totally immersed in my job and being on the go every hour of the day. The constant demands of this world were my primary focus and my mental and physical health suffered. More importantly, my spiritual health was suffering. I made no time to talk with the Lord and even less time to listen to him. I was not seeking him first or last or at all. I had spent time just before meeting Todd doing those things so I knew what it felt like and how much more peace I enjoyed when I did stay in tune to his voice. Deep down I knew I was not in that peaceful place but kept on pushing myself to do more and more.

While I don’t believe God caused my cancer, I do think he used it to get my attention. To slow me down and help me “get right” so to speak. Cancer stopped me in my tracks. As a result, I became very still and the world around me seemed to fade away as I suddenly had the time (and motivation) to pray and be still in his presence. Aside from the healing power that I know he applied to my body, the spiritual healing and rejuvenation that I needed was overwhelming. I now understand that the world will literally suck the life out of you if you allow it. But Praise the Lord, there is a better way. In his presence we receive the grace and love that fills our spirit and makes us whole. It brings out the purpose he has for us all and centers our lives. Peace is restored and life is more colorful and precious.

I don’t know why things happen but I do know that we are going through unprecedented times. The nation and world are being stopped in their tracks. Maybe….just maybe…..we are being given the opportunity to slow down, center up and experience the healing and restorative power of the Lord!