You just might get it! You won’t hear me complaining, just maybe a little nostalgic banter and sentimental tearing up at times. We sold the house! That is, we are in the process of selling the house. We also are in the process of buying a house in VA. We are so relieved but it is bitter sweet. This house is where we married, where Todd raised his girls, where we cried then prayed upon learning of my illness. Where we have endured and persevered. But then again, it is not the walls and brick that made those things precious and cherished. It is the hearts and minds of those within it. It is the love and grace of God. It is the strength given by the Holy Spirit within us. It will go wherever we go! Praise the Lord!

After working in NC this week, I drove to Clemson, to our soon to be former home. I thought of all that has happened over the last year and a half. I am still in awe of the rollercoaster that our lives have been and, more importantly, how God has brought us through it all. Although Todd and I will have tears in our eyes as we leave this place, we know that God has a plan and we must continue to walk it out.

The movers will be here tomorrow. This weekend is designated as “prep and organize” before they get here. Special thank you to my realtors both here in Clemson and in VA. My Clemson realtor is also one of my closet friends and has been a godsend through all of this. Rhonda Brown at AgentOwned had to work with our relocation company and submit reports every week or 2 for 9 MONTHS! Then there is Emily Purdum at Long and Foster in VA who has been showing us houses for 9 MONTHS! These ladies deserve a medal!

Last week I had the rare opportunity to spend the day with my best friend driving around, furniture shopping and catching up, I realized how much our lives are changing. How much I miss days like that. BUT….. I also realized that for the people I love the most, distance is irreverent. No matter the distance or how long I go without being here in SC, they will still be the ones I love and cherish. When we are together, it will be even more precious.

We will make new memories. Times when we come here to be with them and when they come to VA to be with us. I look forward to making those memories, living in the present, trusting god to lead and direct our paths. When I choose this perspective and pray for God to fill me with a hopeful spirit, I can feel the strength I need surging through my bones and spirit. I am more present when I am with my family and friends and I am so very thankful for the healing that has made it possible.

My favorite hymn is “How Great Though Art”.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee

How great Thou art, How great Thou art”

How great he is to have blessed us even in the storm!