I will keep this one short. It’s late and we are in the ATL airport waiting for our flight to Richmond.

Earlier today in Houston, we got the BEST report we have received since this all began in September 2018.


My scans reported no new growth in my lungs and no sign of the former tumors. They will re-scan in 3 months.

I am so thankful and humbled that I really can’t put my feelings into words. God has been faithful to his word and has carried me through this past year and a half. I never would have made it through this without the power of God’s healing and the companionship of the Holy Spirit.

That is not all. The prayer warriors, the do or die friends and family, the people that I have not seen in years or may not even know that lifted their voices in prayer for me……..may God pour out his blessings on you for you have been faithful. Todd and I cannot thank you enough, there are no words. What I can and will do is pay it forward. I believe God allows these things in our life so that we may be a testimony of his love and healing power. We are called to be a prayer warrior and comfort and witness to others.

I know more about Sarcoma than I ever wanted to know. I know that I cannot become complacent now and that I must still pray continually for continued remission. I must make lifestyle changes to protect my body and to help keep this at bay. Still, I believe that God has healed my body as much as the chemo has. I believe he directed me to the right physicians and caretakers. I believe he will continue to guide and direct me and heal.

I am forever changed by the grace of God!