So far January has kicked my tale! That’s OK because I and the Lord intend to bring the 1, 2 punch and shut that mess down!

I reported for chemo on January 6th knowing that this combo of chemo drugs has a history of wreaking havoc on my immunity and my open wound. It certainly lived up to it’s reputation this time. As early as the day after infusion I began to feel like I had the flu. I ran a low grade fever off and on that first week and had no energy. Of course, with us there is never one thing going on. While feeling this way, we were also moving in and setting up our apartment on the 2nd floor of our building. I lost count of how many times I forced myself to walk up and down those stairs.

The second week was even worse. I began running a high fever Monday afternoon (7 days post infusion). As required, I reported to ER that Monday evening. 22 HOURS LATER, I was rolled up to a hospital room. Fun Times! I was put on IV antibiotics. On Wednesday I was told I could go home. I felt better that morning and my fever had gone to normal. Oh No, that was not to be! I was dressed, had my bags packed and my ride was on his way…….and my fever shot up to 102.3. No lie, I went from feeling OK to not being able to get out of bed within 30 minutes. Over the next hour my fever jumped around like a rabbit and my discharge papers were trashed. In addition, my wound went from healthy and healing to a total train wreck. My fever broke overnight and I went home late Thursday evening but was in some major pain with the wound until around Sunday afternoon. I had not taken pain meds for over 7 months until last weekend. Thankfully, I have turned the corner now and feel better everyday.

On Sunday, we flew to Houston. Not the most comfortable flight but I made it! Todd was a lifesaver in that he pushed me in a wheelchair all over MD Anderson Sunday afternoon to have blood work, CT and MRI tests. We are still here in Houston. I will see my Oncologist at 1:30 central time to get the results of my tests. If there are no new signs of tumors in my lungs and the one remaining tumor from the last scans is gone or is significantly smaller, I could be declared in remission with no more chemo!!!

So, please say a prayer for us today. I did not sleep well last night. I am sure it was nerves, etc. I talked with the Lord and shared my nervousness and anxious feelings. I prayed for peace and calmness today. I believe the Lord has gone before me and will be with me and Todd in the exam room today.

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Phillipians 4:7