I haven’t posted in a while. So many times I would write an entire post in my head only to have it fade away before I could type it out. This time of year is my favorite but it seems like it flies by faster and faster every year.

Over the past few weeks, we decorated for Christmas here at my Sister-in-laws house and put up a tree and a few other things at our home in SC. YES…. the home that is still on the market after 7 MONTHS!! Yes, that house! The silver lining in this is that we now have a home to in SC to go to and celebrate Christmas. Still, Santa Claus knows exactly what I would love to have for Christmas…. a sale contract! When we came to Richmond back in June and speculated about where we would spend the Holidays, we would laugh if anyone mentioned that we might still be waiting to buy a house. Well…. not sure who is laughing now… not me! I really have to pray for God to help me keep the faith! It will sell!

Not sure if I shared this or not but my lung tumors have responded to treatment really well. 2 of the tumors are not visible and one is very small. I am still trying to get through the last few rounds of chemo.

However, I now have a knot behind my knee that we are praying and believing is only a Baker’s cyst. Remember a couple of paragraphs above where I talked about putting up Christmas decorations? Apparently my body was not in optimal decorating condition and I overdid a few things. Going up and down ladders and stairs and what not used to be so easy, Geez!! I actually had an MRI today to find out more on this. Stay tuned and please say a prayer that it is only a cyst caused by my stubborn drive to do all things that I probably should not be doing. ANNNNDDDD… I started back to work from home. Guess you could say I have a few things going on.

I am so grateful for the ability and strength to do these things! This year has been such a challenge for me, my husband, our children and all those around us! I am seriously just so thankful that we are here and able to lift up our praises to God for bringing us through.

One last thing, if you look around on my website, you will notice that it looks different. As I was home bound this summer and going totally stir crazy, I took up a hobby. I began making jewelry, specifically necklaces. Over the last several months, I have probably made more than 50-60 of those things. Yep, had some time on my hands. In fact, my friend Tarra Godfrey, owner of Chelsea’s Boutique in downtown Greer has put some of them in her shop for sale. She also carries the most awesome clothes!! The name I chose for my creations is Wenona Miller Designs. Wenona was my Grandmother. Some of you may have read my post a few a while ago about her where I describe playing dress-up at her house as a little girl. I loved her clip on earrings and cameo necklaces. My new hobby is another way of helping me focus on the here and now and living life to the fullest. A form of therapy, I guess.

Tomorrow, i am heading back to SC to spend Christmas at home. I can’t wait to have a couple of weeks to see our kids and friends and family. I want to savor every moment, not because I have cancer but because time is precious no matter what your circumstance. In all the craziness of the season we must remember what we are celebrating. We celebrate the birth of Christ and the hope of salvation and healing that became real that night in the manger….