To continue the saga from last week……. My stay in the hospital continued until Monday evening around 5. I was sitting on my bed, bags packed, prescription called in, paperwork signed waiting on someone from “downstairs somewhere” to come to my room and remove the pic lines from my chest. There were moments when I considered performing the procedure myself but thankfully I had maintained enough sanity to hold off.

On Sunday, Todd came to spend the day with me. I had received “approval” to leave the locked floor I was on and walk around the hospital. I guess you could say we took a few liberties with that. The photo collage above is evidence of that. Todd and I went to lunch somewhat near the hospital then found ourselves at a large antique mall. It was huge!! Several of the rooms even held mantles and furniture from castles. How cool is that!! Then there was the room with the life size animals. I mean who wouldn’t want a large snake in the front yard?

On Wednesday, I was back at the hospital to have pic lines placed in my arm. While I have endured some physical pain in the past, this was not supposed to be a painful experience. WRONG! As my luck would have it, the doctor placing the line had a difficult time due to my veins rolling. Sort of like my eyes, which I am sure rolled back in my head more than once as they hit me with Lidocaine over and over. They had to abort the first 2 attempts to wrestle my over active veins but the third time was the charm. To aggravate matters more, the final placement is just above my elbow. So, every time I bend my arm I remind myself not to bend my arm because it is painful and it seems to bleed more. I think it is safe to say there is another visit to the cancer center in my near future. Folks, this ain’t gonna work!

I almost forgot. The reason for placing the pic lines this week was to enable me to have chemo, finally. Well, guess what? Chemo was delayed another week! I was informed of this AFTER I left the torture chamber! The next step is to have a port placed in my chest. The extra week may have allowed time to place the port and forego the whole thing yesterday. Seriously!!

I have to laugh and shake it all off……. or I would go crazy! Well, crazier! Prayer and laughter, my friends. The best medicine!

Stay tuned….