We just had the best weekend at home, in SC. Todd and I were reflecting on that this morning. We have settled into an early morning routine here in VA. He wakes me up around 5:45 every morning (yes, that is correct, 5:45) so that he can do my wound care and flush my pic lines. Then I read to him from my “Jesus Calling” devotional before he starts his day.

This morning we were so involved in our reflections that we totally forgot the wound care, pic lines, etc. We never do that! It is a testament to the fact that we were so caught up in reliving the time spent with family and friends that the daily grind of the world faded away for a time.

We truly packed a whole lot into those 4 days.We had lunch with my oldest son, Chris, at one of his most favorite places, JCs in Anderson. It was a belated birthday lunch. I still have trouble saying I have a son who is 25 years old! Wow! Saturday was truly special. I was honored to be invited to go with my future daughter-in-law to find her perfect wedding gown. Indeed she did and that is all I can say about that!

Sunday was one I had been looking forward to. First, I had a special visit from 2 of my best high school friends. These 2 have known me FOREVA and are so special to me. Then we headed over to the Crowe’s Nest for some of the best ribs in the world! Seeing my “people” brings peace and comfort to my heart. I miss them so much and never seem to get enough time with them.

And on Monday, I truly got to spend time at home… on the farm. My Mom cooked for our big ole family. Nothing feels more like home than being in my Grandmother’s now my Mom and Dad’s house. So many memories made and many more to come! As I went to bed on Monday night knowing that we would hit the road back to VA the next morning, I felt the joy of being with those I love and sadness that the time was over but most of all….. So Very Thankful!!

I start back on chemo later this week and we are still in real estate limbo but all of that seems to fade away when we reflect on the blessings of God!