Hi Everyone, I want to share that this month, July, is Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Month. Until I was diagnosed with this disease, I had no idea what Sarcoma was or how rare and devastating this type of cancer could be. Sarcoma represents a mere 1% of all adult cancers and 20% of all childhood cancers. It is made up of many sub-types due to it’s ability to arise from a variety of tissue structures. Approximately 15,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and nearly 6,000 die each year from this type of cancer. Because it is so rare, Sarcoma does not receive the level of funding for research that other cancers benefit from.

Over the next month, I would like to share more information with you about Sarcoma and ways you can help provide research and other assistance to it’s victims and their families. I can tell you from my experience so far that is it not easy to find facilities and providers who specialize in this rare disease. Most victims must travel to find a facility and spend days, weeks even months away from home. It is very expensive and affects the victim and their loved ones physically, emotionally and financially.

One way I will be supporting the fight to end Sarcoma Cancer is to participate in a Fun Run/Walk in Richmond, VA (our new hometown) on October 26th. I would LOVE to have a huge team of walkers/runners join me for this awesome fun day in the fall. It is a great event for all ages, children included. If you cannot participate, you can still be a part of our Good Vibe Tribe Team by donating on our teams page. The link to our page is listed at the top of this post. All money goes to provide research for Sarcoma. I will be creating a page on my website with links and posting info on my Facebook and Instagram media.

I believe God has a plan for me through this valley and it is not to sit back and worry only about my experience. I heard someone say not long ago that “The thing you are going through right now is not about that thing, but rather, what God wants to do through the thing!!” We must look beyond the personal to the purpose!

Purpose often revealed through pain, our eyes are opened to the power of God through our experience and our faith is strengthened. We then must share this with others who need the same power and anointing in their lives. Otherwise, we have suffered in vain.

I am believing by faith that I will be healthy and well to walk this race. Please consider walking with me and my family!

Join Us on October 26, 2019
Lets Have a Party in Richmond!!