My son, Chase, played Baseball in high school. On home game days, each player had a “Walk Up Song” that would be played when they “walked Up” to the batter’s box. Chase had some good ones, his favorite being a Metallica song that he used for 2 years, I voted for the Star Wars theme but got vetoed. It was a means of helping the kids get motivated and “syced” for the battle. This morning as I was driving to my chemo appointment and listening to music, a song by NEEDTOBREATH called “Hard Love” came on. Listening to it took me back to the memory of the “Walk Up Song” and I realized thatthe words of this song were perfect for my “Walk Up” to chemo!

You see, last Thursday was the original date for my 2nd infusion of this round of chemo. I arrived, had my blood drawn and found a chair in the waiting room along with my stepdaughter, Madelyn (what a trooper)….and waited….and waited. Almost 2 hours later, the nurse comes out and sits down beside me and says, “Your WBC is too low, we can’t do treatment today”. Ugh, another delay. My mind immediately went to the negative and wondered what was happening with the tumors in my lungs with every day that I was not zapping it with chemo? What if my body does this every time and I can’t get through the rounds I need to fight this? I went home deflated and knocked down. I prayed for God to help me cope with this and get my mental game back on point!

The next morning, I watched a sermon on my iPad from
Elevation Church. I randomly chose one from their list of past sermons with a
title that caught my attention. In the message, Steven Furtick rings my bell
more than once. This is what God needed me to hear through the message:

  • If we get stuck in the reason, we will miss the revelation.”  Don’t waste your mind and energy trying to figure out why you are going through the fire. Pray for the revelation of the lesson, the mission, the miracle!
  • God will allow or create a situation for a revelation! Not saying he gives us disease but rather he works all things for the good of those who love him!
  • The sermon is based on Acts Chapter 27-28. In Acts 28, Paul is shipwrecked on an island called Malta. I won’t go into the whole story but encourage you to read it. “Malta represents the season you never thought you would go through”. Cancer is certainly my Malta. Will I focus on the misery or the mission? What matters is my response and if I can “Shake Off” the pain and fear and praise God through it and live by faith and not by sight.

This Blog is not for me. I love and appreciate and am encouraged by the kind words and the fact that people even read it. Ultimately, this exists to 1st give praise and glory to God for all he is doing in my life through this trial and 2nd for those who are going through their own “Malta”. You are NOT alone. We are all in this together and if you ask God to bear your burdens and give it all to him, he will meet you where you are and comfort you.

For all, Love is the most important job we have! Love one another, care for and uplift one another.

“And now
these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”   

1 Corinthians
13:13 NIV