Have you ever felt like you just didn’t know where you belong? That pretty much sums up our life at the moment. Within the past 2 months, I have spent 3 weeks in Houston, been home in Clemson about 4-5 nights then in Virginia where Todd started his new job last month. I had chemo at MD Anderson in May then last week at VCU Massey in Richmond. We came back home (Clemson) this weekend, heading back to VA tomorrow. We are literally cherishing every moment in the familiarity of our house today.

The house in Clemson is up for sale (please spread the word) and we are staying with Todd’s sister, also named Mellissa (2 LLs) while we wait for our house to sell and find one there. I am pretty sure this qualifies her for instant sainthood!! I am so thankful for her and the fact that we instantly got along when we first met and I love her dearly.

While Todd and I are so thankful and excited about his job opportunity in VA, we miss the familiarity of our home, being close to our friends and my family. Relocating is a huge adjustment alone and then add the fact that I am battling Sarcoma. Whew!! We have had our moments when we wondered why we are going through all of this at once. Why would we be hit with it all at the same time?? How will we get through it all? When will our house sell so that we can, at least, be in our own place again? We long to feel settled again, at peace, stable.

We prayed about this job when the opportunity arose and before Todd accepted. When I get so frustrated and tired, I have to remind myself that my job is not to fix all of this, my job is to have faith.

It is so hard sometimes to wait on God’s timing. I am so impatient! I know he has a plan in all of this, he has to. When I look back at the events of the last year, I can see the hand of God even though I have not yet received the outcome we pray for. Apparently, there is more for me to learn, more that he wants to do through me, more he wants to teach me.

So, I will continue to walk by faith and pray for things to settle down soon. I know that where he guides, he will provide.

Still, I think it’s OK to say, South Carolina will always be home! 😘