So, this week has been a good one! I am happy to report that my Mom and I flew home from Houston last Saturday with great joy! To see my home in SC and sleep in my own bed without being attached to an IV monitor was a heavenly experience! Seeing my family, friends etc. put things over the top and helped to pull my mind from the events of the previous weeks.

I am still on a couple of antibiotics for the bone infection and now find that walking up and down stairs is a new challenge as I loose my breath, heart beats out of my chest, etc. However, much of that is because I am so out of shape from being in a hospital for weeks. I am hoping my stamina will improve as I continue to walk and build myself up. I am thankful for the abilities I do have and pray for my strength to improve.

Now, the dilemma is what and where with chemo. Due to the infection and reactions I had with the first set of chemo drugs, MD Anderson has switched the chemo to a different set of drugs that my body should be able to tolerate while taking the antibiotics. I am praying very hard that this can be administered closer to home to avoid being in Houston for weeks at a time. By “closer to home”, I am referring to Richmond, VA. After a few days in SC, I drove to Richmond yesterday…. all by myself 🙂 It was something I looked forward to. After being in the hospital, I craved time alone to think and pray and listen to podcasts and just “be”. The 6 hour drive provided all of that and was good for my soul!

Our house is still up for sale in Clemson and we are looking at houses in VA this weekend. Relocating our family and Todd starting a new job is stressful enough all by itself. When you throw my situation in, that rollercoaster does into turbo mode. As you pray for me, please also lift Todd up as he is juggling so much at once and still keeps going.

God has used so many opportunities this week to confirm that he is in control and that worrying or trying to manage any of this on my own is futile. From my morning devotion that stated “Back off a bit, redirecting your focus to me” to the podcast I listened to on the ride up that told me “If the battle is bigger than me, then it is not mine to fight, but God’s”. To the time spent with my loved ones, family, my girlfriends who help me to live in the moment.

Please also lift up my new friends who are waging this same war with Sarcoma; Ashley, Susan and Megan. Seeing their courage and positive vibes has helped me when I had weak moments. I pray that God would do a mighty work in their lives and heal their bodies.

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29.11 AMP

Bring on them weekends!!!