Yesterday, I drove myself to the grocery store & pumped my own gas! It made me think of the children’s song with the line “I’m a big girl now”! Never mind that the grocery store is 3 miles away, it was a milestone.

Up until this past week, I had not driven a car since last September. I will have to build my stamina to make the hour drive to my office in Greer but I can see progress!! For so long, I have felt like my healing progress was moving in slow motion and I don’t do well with slow motion. According to my husband, I am more of a fire, ready, aim kinda gal. He is much more methodical and calculated. I guess you could say we balance one another out.

I have an increased appreciation for the independence that good health provides. The things we take for granted like driving or carrying groceries, walking up stairs, etc. can be stripped away so easily by illness and disease. While we cannot control all of our circumstances there are things we can all do to help our odds. Todd and I are trying to be more mindful of this and make changes to our lifestyle. It’s not easy. When it comes to this, we are both pushovers. For the most part, we try to eat well, etc. BUT there are times when we eat popcorn for dinner followed by ice cream while we binge watch “This is us”. I do not think I have made it through one episode without crying which calls for ice cream, right?

I guess it all comes down to balance. Balance in our work life, personal life, health and habits, everything. That includes our mental health as well. For me, it is prayer and quiet time that helps me manage it all. Taking time to stop and say a prayer when things are overwhelming your mind and spirit brings peace and helps me step back and think more clearly.

As I was driving home from my big excursion, a song was on the radio that I recalled had people line dancing in the video. This made me think back to my and Todd’s wedding and how I line danced with my 3 sons and my best friends and family. I will do that again and again and again.

And that is balance, my friends. A little work, a little quiet time, a little loud fun time,  a little good for you stuff, a little ice cream, a little dancing…..all wrapped up with lots of prayer!


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