I realized this week that it has been a while since I posted. I guess this can be counted as a good thing in that I have been busy the last few weeks. Busy with work, with my family, with my new toy, my cricut. Busy with the things that make up a life….. a life lived and loved!

I am still home bound most of the time while I oh so patiently wait for the open wound from my surgery to heal. I see progress every week. I no longer walk with a cane, I can do the stairs alone, slowly. I can sit at my desk at home for a little while. These are all little things that I have always taken for granted that I now thank God for.

My step-daughter, Madelyn, just turned 16 and we will celebrate with a party for her this weekend. She has been a trooper throughout this whole ordeal. Her schedule with us has been all turned around over the last 6 months to accommodate my radiation, surgery, visits to Duke, etc. I am sure she is sick of hearing us talk about wound care and the other stuff that goes with all of this. I am so very thankful for her great attitude and giving heart. She deserves a great Birthday weekend that is all about her….. and THAT is what we plan to provide! The whole Diersing family is coming into town. We are all long overdue for a celebration!!

We are on the road today headed to Duke, for another wound check. Todd has been so awesome as my personal wound care specialist. He is the reason I am doing so well, he makes sure I am ok, all day, every day. Next week, he starts traveling again. I have awesome people lined up to help during the weeks he will be gone. Still, I am going to feel lost without my rock star caregiver!

As with everything, time moves on, wounds heal….eventually, and we are awakened to a new appreciation for the blessings, the people, the healing that God provides.

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