As I sit here on the couch looking at the Christmas tree lights and the tiny amount of snow out our window, I can finally say that I feel at peace and ‘settled at home’. A big improvement over the past couple of days. Todd and I finally got home Friday night from Durham after a long morning at Duke waiting for the discharge process to complete followed by a 5 hour drive to Clemson. We were both exhausted when we got home. The first night here was rough as I tried to adjust to sleeping in my bed and using the walker to get around. I woke up in pain and totally overwhelmed on Saturday morning with a visit from home health scheduled for 9:30 am!

Time to bring in the big guns aka…….call Mom! Todd and I both knew it! One phone call and help was on the way! My Mother is a doer and she gives of herself to a fault. So, I try not to be burden because I know how hard she works at her church and for others. Still, I am her first born daughter and when a true need arises, I declare my rights!

Within a hour of my call and long before the home health nurse arrived, Mom was on the scene. I could tell that Todd was relieved because he knew I was on the brink of a full out mental breakdown!

From here, the day got better and better. Mom took notes while the nurse was here, helped me figure out how to take a shower without putting weight on my right leg, dried my hair, wrapped Christmas presents, cooked Todd’s favorite dinner and made sure I wrote out my medication schedule and times. It was also a welcome reprieve for Todd as he had been with me day and night at the hospital taking care of me. Even though he never complains, I was glad he had my Mom to lean on today as well.

BUT……. more than any of that, she spent the day with me and turned a very trying day into a memory I will cherish forever. God is so good. He knows exactly what we need, who we need and when we need it. I woke up yesterday crying out to God “how can I do this” and went to bed last night with a grateful heart praying ‘thank you lord, for my Mother and for giving us this day”.

In life, we take so many things for granted. To often, we do not realize we have done so until it is too late. One thing Cancer has done is awaken my awareness of the things I have taken for granted in life. Appreciating and making the most of time I have with my family and friends is one of those things that I am now extremely aware of and cherish.

Thank You Mom, I Love You!❤️

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  1. As always you have made my day. When you begin to get older and things are not as easy . You tend to believe your kids no longer need you. They begin to believe they need to protect you from your old age. Call your parents they would rather know you will always need them. It was a great day for me to spend time with the both of you. We just talked, laughted one of those don’t have to do nothing days that we all 3 needed desperately. I love you both

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