Don’t you love all of these designated days? We had Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday! So, we spent 2 days shopping til we dropped then Tuesday comes and we are finally designating a day for what really matters!! Hmmmm…….maybe next year we should move this day to the front of the line to increase the likelihood that we will actually have money left over to GIVE on the designated giving day!! LOL!

Speaking of giving……………….. We are still conducting our T-Shirt Drive to raise money for the Sarcoma Warriors of the Upstate Organization. Please consider buying a shirt…or 2…or 3 to help raise money that will go towards helping those who are battling cancer this time of year. 

I want to thank those that have already contributed:

First and Foremost: Crowe’s Corporate Promotions. Tim and Karen Crowe have been so supportive during my cancer journey and are actually donating the shirts so that we can give the most money possible to the Sarcoma Warriors. It is no secret that they are like family to Me and I love them dearly! 

And to those who have already ordered their MGVT Sarcoma Awareness T Shirt. Thank You so much for your support!

  • Rhonda & Wade Brown
  • Sara and Sam Alley
  • Art and Barbara Diersing
  • Mellissa Diersing (not me, my beautiful Sister-In-Law)
  • Caroline Martin
  • Sandy Miller
  • Autumn Miller
  • Candy Diggins
  • Audrey Cremasco
  • Amanda & Chris Brown
  • Haley & Jordan Beeks
  • Chris, Chase & Clay McCroskey(Ha! I am their Mom, they have to)

So, please consider joining the above list of Good Vibe Tribe Peeps who are helping those who may not be experiencing their most joyful holiday season this year! Email you orders to me at, message me on facebook or comment on this post. I can provide an address to mail order payments or you can provide your email address and I will send you a paypal invoice via email. It is simple. 

Every little bit counts, thank you for reading this little blog of mine and your support! 

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