Everyone talks about what we are grateful for this time of year. I am thankful for the ability and the awareness to BE THANKFUL! Think about that…… the fact that we are blessed to the degree that we can list all things we are thankful for.

There are those in this world today that would literally have to search for something good in their lives. I know we all say that everyone has something to be thankful for. Do they really? Does the child in a third world country who has been orphaned on the streets have reason to be thankful? Does the Mother who has lost her child or family to terrorism have a heart of thankfulness? In time of crisis, it is hard to find reason to feel blessed. Likewise, we all have been in those moments where life is kicking our tail and we feel like everything is falling apart. I know I have had several of those experiences where I just did not feel like anything could go right,

Through my job in Employee Benefits, I have come to know a very special family this year. The Father is a former employee of one of my clients who recently entered hospice after a long, hard, courageous battle with melanoma. Over this last year, as he and his family navigated the waters of treatment for cancer with all of the hospitals and doctors and nurses and clinical trials I communicated with his wife to assist with claims and approval issues etc.

This woman full of faith and love for her family has been an inspiration to me. As I have read her posts and emailed with her I am continually reminded that we truly can praise God in any circumstance. His word shows us in so many ways that he is with us at the lowest point and the highest. In times of despair, we find it difficult to understand why this is happening to us and why God has allowed it. We certainly struggle to feel thankful and grateful.

This morning I read her most recent post. Time is growing smaller and smaller for this family, yet she still has a heart full of grace and thankfulness. In her words, and I quote:

“I will rejoice in every day he is still with me, and I will rejoice when he is with the Lord no matter how painful the grief is in my broken heart.”

We truly can live a life of thankfulness even in the darkest of days. I am not saying it is easy and I know personally that I cannot do this by my mental strength alone. The Holy Spirit living in me and that still small voice that reminds me that God never said there would be no storms. He did say he would never leave us or forsake us…… even in the storms we face in this life.

I am thankful today for the lessons that the storms have taught me, for the inspiration that people like this wife and Mother I mentioned above have given me. I am thankful that no matter what the future holds, I know who holds the future.

As we celebrate tomorrow and enjoy a long Holiday weekend, let us thank God for our family and loved ones and the time we have with them. Please also pray for this precious family above and for those who are currently fighting the storms of life.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁