My grandmother had an unusual name. The story she told me was that she was named after a Cherokee Indian Lady that her Mother met while expecting her to be born. Growing up, I would hear people call her “Noner”. I did not really like that too much. I thought her name was so pretty that it should never be shortened.

My Grandmother never had a driver’s license nor worked outside the home. Her “job” was to take care of her home and family, one she took very seriously.  She lived on a farm with my Grandfather and my Dad, then alone for over 30 years after my Grandfather died. I remember playing dress-up at her house as a little girl. She had nice clothes, coats and hats that she only wore when her sister would come take her shopping or to a doctor’s appointment or to church. She also had a drawer that held her “hospital” clothes. Back then, women would have several sets of pretty gowns, robes, etc. that they kept in case they had to be in the hospital. I still have one of her bed jackets. A short robe that one could wear while sitting up in bed. In another drawer she had the everyday nightgowns, etc. She would always let me dress up in the older nightgowns and one of the “special” bed jackets. I would put on some of her jewelry and clink around the house in her church shoes. I could spend hours playing in Grandma’s clothes.

For a long time, I have wanted to begin some sort of venture with her name attached. I am not sure what this will become down the road. For now, I would like to do something to support and further the research for Sarcoma Cancers. During the last few weeks as I would report for my daily radiation treatments, I would see other Sarcoma Warriors of all ages. The world was all hustle and bustle while these, like me, were experiencing a life threatening, stressful, emotional time in their lives that far surpassed the daily worries of the world. I knew that I wanted to do something to raise funds to help those who are battling this disease and in need of a helping hand. And… I knew that I wanted to use my Grandmother’s beautiful name in some way. What better way to honor a lady who spent her life taking care of her family and indulging her oldest granddaughter’s love of dress-up than to associate her name with a way of helping to care for others.

With the help of my friend, Tim Crowe, owner of Crowe’s Corporate Promotions, we have created a dvibe tribe t-shirt for purchase through my site. ALL, EVERY PENNY of the profit from the sale of the shirts will be given to support Sarcoma victims and their families.

Specifically, the money will be donated to a local upstate organization called Sarcoma Warriors ! This is a SC based organization that raises money to provide direct support for victims, families and survivors of Sarcoma Cancers. Because this cancer is rare, there are not as many research efforts and advancements are slow. Even more tragic is the number of children who face this disease. The goal of Sarcoma Warriors is to reach out to as many South Carolinians who are battling a Sarcoma Cancer to provide as much emotional, physical and financial support as possible.

Please consider purchasing a T-Shirt… or 2 🙂 to help me raise as much money as I can for this need. I will be following up this post with a detailed post including pictures of our shirts, ordering instructions, how to pay, etc. stay Tuned!!

I thank you all in advance!