For those of you who do not already know, my husband is a boilermaker. A Kentucky born, Indiana raised, southern saved boy! Both he and his sister went to Purdue. So, you can imagine how exciting it got in our little home away from home this past Saturday when Purdue took it to the house over Ohio State. A truly fun night, just the two of us cheering for his team.

The courage and determination was not only exhibited on the field. One very special fan took the courage factor to a higher level and touched our hearts. Tyler Trent is a 20 year old Purdue student from Carmel, Indiana who is currently fighting Osteosarcoma, bone cancer. He is a huge supporter of Purdue Football and was at the game even though he had been extremely ill the entire day and night before. He stated in an interview afterwards that he and his family prayed together the night before the game and he woke up on Saturday morning feeling refreshed and had relief from the terrible sickness he was experiencing the night before.

This morning, Todd brought his IPad to me to listen to an interview between Tyler and Scott Van Pelt. During the interview Scott tells Tyler about a conversation between him and Stewart Scott years ago when he was fighting his battle with cancer. Stewart told him that he could actually feel the prayers of those who lifted him up. Tyler stated that he felt it as well and that the texts, cards and calls from loved ones helped him to feel their love and prayers and gave him strength.

As I watched this interview and listened to this strong 20 year old young man, I wept. Yes, part of it was because I felt for this young man and what he is going through during what should be some of the best years of his life. That was just one reason. I cried because it hit home with me. I have been so overwhelmingly blessed with cards and texts and messages and care packages from friends, family, coworkers. I could relate to what they were saying. I too feel the prayers of those who lift me up. When I am starting to let this all get to me, every time, God has placed me on the heart of someone and I receive a text or call or something in the mail. Todd and I have truly been humbled and are eternally grateful for the outpouring of support as we walk this road by faith one day at a time. I cannot begin to thank each one properly. You all and my Lord are my strength. It would literally take pages and pages to write out each act of love and what it did for me at that very moment that someone reached out. God used all of you in a great and mighty way.

Yes, this is hard and yes, it is painful BUT…… I have an army of prayer warriors behind me…… we are more than conquerors!

I have posted the link to the interview below. It’s a little long but what an inspiration this man is. Grab a Kleenex and take a look.