Although I am into week 3, I cannot miss the opportunity to go back to last week and share the precious time I got to spend with family. While Todd was in Boston working my Mom and Sister came up to spend the week with me. For those who know my Mom, Sandy, and my sister, Tonya, you know it is usually quite entertaining. Last week was no different.  We laughed and cried. We ate Birthday Cake just because my Mom loves it. We shopped to help Mom find the right outfit to wear to my Dad’s 50th High School Reunion this past weekend. I will say that was no easy task. She looked great in most of what she tried on but she can be a little picky, Ha! The storm caused the power to go out on Thursday night. So, we ate more birthday cake and colored by the light of the camping lamps. 

On Friday, they headed home right about the time my sister-in-law arrived. Now, when we are together things can get a little confusing. Her name is Mellissa Diersing. Yes, one “L” is the only thing that separates our names now.  When I married Todd, I not only landed an awesome man, I became part of a pretty awesome family as well. Todd’s sister and I immediately got along and I was so looking forward to our girls weekend. Thankfully, the power came back on in time for it to be fun filled. I meant to get a picture of the 2 of us but totally forgot, so I am including a picture of us from my wedding. We did a “little”shopping 😉, explored downtown Raleigh and had a true girls weekend. For just a little while, I almost felt like a “normal” person. 

I consider last week & weekend some of my “Silver Lining Moments”. Precious time spent together that we would not otherwise have had. I am also so humbled by the fact that they all took the time from their busy lives to come to Durham and spend it with me. I love them dearly and can’t wait to see them all again. 

The picture collage includes a flower my sister made and brought to me from her shop, Something Unique, and our masterful artwork done by lamp light. Of course, no girls weekend is complete without a mimosa… or 2!

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