Last night as I was heading to bed I got a text from my son, Chris. For those who do not know Chris, he is my oldest son, 24. A gentle giant with a hilarious dry sense of humor and a huge heart. He included a picture of a song title and album cover and he wrote “Good song to listen to if you are needing some encouragement”.

Of course as most any Mother would, I cried….and cried…. then cried some more…. and I am crying now! Not only because my son thought of me but because God was using “My Son” to reach me, to bring me encouragement when I needed it. How many times in life do we get to experience something like that?

I think anyone going through a cancer diagnosis, journey, etc. begins to reflect on their life, their mistakes, their sins. I know I am saved by the grace of God but there are times when I feel so undeserving of his grace and love. It is in those moments that God always finds some way to speak to me, to remind me that he died so that I can live.

Last night it was through my son! My awesome, smart, funny, handsome, Godly son!!

BTW – he is truly an awesome young man who is SINGLE and would make the best boyfriend…. ummm jus sayin!

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