Have you ever noticed that? Growing up, our Mom was the orchestrator of our life? She drove use to all of the stuff we did. She met our teachers. She made sure we had what we needed when we needed it. Many times she knew about happenings in our life before we could tell her. In my case that was because she had a mole in the school system. Yes, my Mom had her own version of the “FBI” positioned within the walls of Wren High. Their teacher alias’ were Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Hood. Her “Church” friends of all things. Yep, God and Mom’s intelligence dispatch watched over my high school years!

So it makes sense that as adults we have been wired with a need to tell our Mom when big things are happening whether good or bad. That was how I felt about all of the milestones in my adult life.

The most recent was 2 weeks ago when I finally told her that I had cancer. This time I had put it off because she had other things going on in her life and I did not want to pile this on top. Also, because I knew this would break her heart. I can tell you that not telling her at first was the hardest thing I have ever done. Selfishly, I needed her prayers and support but I hated to place the burden of this on her. Having children of my own, I cannot imagine how it must feel. I hope and pray everyday that I never know. Of course, she cried when I told her and she continued to cry and worry but she also went into full support mode. I was immediately placed on the church prayer chain and she rallied her now retired intelligence team to be her support. She cleared her calendar to be in Durham with me when Todd has to travel, etc.

This morning I received the card in the picture. My Mom is a good Southern Christian Woman but follows the quote I am sure you have all heard before “I Love Jesus but I Cuss a Little”. The message inside of course brought tears to my eyes. No matter what we face in life, nobody hurts with us more or wants and prays for our healing more than a Mom. I am thankful today for my Mom and my Dad and their unconditional love, patience and support……. and I love the church ladies too! 😉

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