As we sat out on the downstairs patio watching football tonight, I looked over at my long time friend and said ‘do you remember what we were doing in this same spot this time last year?’ Karen’s eyes lit up and she says “your wedding’! Yes, one year ago on September 23, 2017, I married the man who has come to be the rock I never knew I would need. I remember being so busy with my work that we could only steal away 3 days together before we were both back on the job. At the time saying that we would go on a proper honeymoon after the first of the year. As the months rolled by with both of us totally engaged in our careers, well me mostly, our trip kept getting pushed further and further out. As our one year anniversary approached we talked about where we would go, what we wanted to do. Then the bottom dropped out, my cancer diagnosis changed our entire plan. Not only would we not be spending our one year anniversary in paradise but we would be spending it packing and preparing to spend the next 5 weeks in another state driving back and forth to radiation treatments.

I felt so guilty and I wondered if Todd was thinking he did not bargain for this. But…. this man…..this strong, confident, accomplished man looked me in the eye and through his tears assured me there was no place on earth he would rather be. He told me that “we’ were going to fight this together and that he would be by my side all the way no matter what. Every day I see him watching me to make sure I am ok, that I can walk well enough, that I am eating right. Every day he builds me up and takes care of me. His integrity and compassion amaze me.

God knows what we need long before we need it. He brought this man into my life for many reasons, not because I deserve him, I never could. I know one of those reasons was to be my rock and best friend through this valley. To make me laugh when I want to cry, to remind me not to take myself so seriously, to appreciate the simple things, how to love unconditionally.

Maybe we are not where we thought we would be a year ago. There is one thing I know! No matter what this world throws at us in the year to come, I have found my home, his name is Todd.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! We will make it to paradise…..