On the day that I got the worst news of my life, Todd’s Grandmother’s Rose bloomed.

I had been anxiously waiting on the call from Duke with the results of my biopsy. It did not go the way I had hoped. It was cancer.

The tiny little plant that had started out as a small clipped piece of Todd’s Grandmother’s roses from their farm in Kentucky had been given to us months earlier by his Aunt Caroline. Todd had been the one to plant it in the small pot and lovingly watered it and made sure it was in the right spot to get just enough sunlight. He is the family green thumb by a long shot. I do not have that skill which is strange due to the fact that my Mom has the ability to create a summer yard worthy of Southern Living. As the plant grew little by little, we watched for the bloom that, to me at least, would prove that we were on the right track and worthy of the gift. Still, week after week, no bloom. Until that day.

After speaking to the doctor, I called Todd as soon as my phone call ended. We had been so hopeful that the results would come back benign. We had all but convinced ourselves that I was ok, just a hematoma from a fall months ago. Even though I was relieved to finally know what I was facing, a new worry and fear took over. I wondered if God was punishing me for past mistakes, for not being devoted enough or good enough. I wanted to cry, whine, scream, whatever. I asked the question that everyone must think “Why Me”?

The next day, Todd asked me to come outside so he could show me something. As we walked onto the patio, he motioned to the small pot. There on the plant was 1 perfect pink rose. It had bloomed. He told me that he had walked outside after being on the phone with me the day before and the rose bud was there, now fully open. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe not. Either way, God spoke to me “the choice is yours, you can hold onto the promise that I will be there in your time of need, or you can choose fear’. I choose his promise!