When I decided to create this family site, I sent out a message to our family “SnapChat Group Chat’. Yes, I indulge in this because it is the place my 20 something children are most likely to see a message and respond. I got one suggestion that I cannot repeat in this post. Thanks Guys!

So, I decided to let it come to me and they would have to live with the outcome. I did not want to use our last name because, well, we don’t all have the same last name. My boys have their Dad’s last name so calling us all Diersing would not be ‘correct’. I began to explore terms that would mean something akin to family but also encompass the name variation and include extended family and friends who we consider family. The word Tribe seemed to do the trick. Webster defines a Tribe as a group of people sharing the same language, culture, and history. We fit that….. although sometimes I wonder what language my kids are speaking. Then I wanted the name to reflect our particular family aura or….. VIBE! So, there it is! My Good Vibe Tribe! That is absolutely us!

This site is our place! A place to document and showcase the wonderful, funny, eclectic, imperfect, loving, kind, remarkable clan we are. A place to repeat that story that everyone loves to hear, a place to post pictures so the grandparents can print them and put them into frames, a place to share memories and well wishes, to keep up with one another, to be whatever we want it to be. Let’s have fun with this!